Monday, March 18, 2019

Ancient Corinth Essay -- Greece Ancient History Historical Papers

Ancient Corinth?Unlike most new(prenominal) cities in the past world, Corinth was a city destined for prosperity and higher status no matter who occupied it or how it was governed.? It is as old, or older, than any(prenominal) other ancient Greek city, with origins that lie only in myths and legends that argon more than two thousand years old.? Little is know of who effected the city or when it was actually founded.? What we do know is Corinth was a very important city and it became a major player in ancient Greek and Roman history.? ?The primary(prenominal) reasonableness for the existence of Corinth is the same reason for its greatness.? The ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean world produced this city out of geographical and commercial necessity.? The southern most part of Greece is very nearly an island, attached to the main landmass by only a four mile simple isthmus, with the Corinthian Gulf to the west, and the Saronic Gulf to the east.? Corinth sits along this narrow isthmus, making itself whizz of the most important trading and commercial centers of the ancient world.? Corinth was positioned perfectly surrounded by the two greatest political city-states in ancient Greece, Athens to the northwards and Sparta to the south because, any traffic from these two cities, as well as anywhere else to the north and south, had no choice but to bye-bye done Corinth.? The east and west traffic, on the other hand, had a choice to pass or not pass through Corinth, though limited as that choice was (Barclay 1).? The only way to sail east to west in the Mediterranean was all the way around the southern tip of Greece, known as Cape Malea.? Cape Malea was considered the most dangerous Cape in all the Mediterranean due to its high seas, contrary winds, and difficult pilotage (Engel... ...hey knew they could not keep such a gold mine assembly in ruins.? So Corinth did not die, instead it was a cultural hangover for over a thousand years. BibliographyB arclay, William. The Letter to the Corinthians, Revised Edition. The Westminster Press,? Philadelphia.? 1975Engels, David. Roman Corinth, An secondary Model for the Classical City. University? of Chicago,? Chicago, 1990.Papahatzis, Nicos. Ancient Corinth, The Museums of Corinth, Isthmia and Sicyon.? Ekdotike Athenon S.A.? Athens, 1981.Papakyriakou/Anagnostou, Ellen. ?History of Corinth?.?, Carlos. ?The Seven Sages of Greece, Between myth and History.?http// ?Geography, 8.6.20-23? (Late 1st Century BCE-Early 1st Century)?

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