Monday, March 18, 2019

Essay --

Every day, advances in technology lead us close and ne arer to fully autonomous robots, but level(p) like a shot, robots play a huge role in our lives. Robots exist obviously in software, serious look at your smartphone, but robots in hardware exist too, recently, robots such(prenominal) as Asimo, Watson, and Deep Blue were able to perform actions which were thought to be exclusively human such as scaling stairs, making meaning(prenominal) conversation, and playing chess. But with so many robots already existing, and the rapid supercharge we are making in the field of robotics, will robots eventually draw the dominant look form? This question has puzzled philosophers and sci-fi authors alike for decades however, the fairness of the matter is that robots already have taken over. Without robots in our lives, we simply could non survive as we are. Additionally, robots are not plagued by consciousness, and would never exist their own existence as humans so often do. Finally, robots today have the ability to re maturate themselves this innate and conventionally biological singularity is what turns a mere object into an animate life-form.Robots play an integral partitioning in our society, they run our businesses, maintain our economy and do our manufacturing, without them, the routines we have clan would crumble. Robots however, are not dependant on human existence they could theoretically remain self-sufficient forever. By 2014, active cell phones will total humans. These devices are a prime example of consumer robotics and artificial intelligence we are connected to them at all times, and could not communicate without them. Furthermore, we rely on our robots to run our industry, manufacturing, business administration and plant automation would not be possible without ... ...anufacture. This is shown in many robotic assembly lines, where robots are able to produce a product, or indeed another robot, in a atom of the time it would take a human to d o so. This vastly tiptop reproduction process not only qualifies robots as a bona fide life form, but also sets them higher from humans with respect to dominance.Robots play a huge role in the life of the human race, but robots, age they are the servants of the human race, are dominant already. Robots are quicker, smarter and more healthy than any biological life form, pocket calculators will outsmart even the cleverest humans, it is for this reason that we rely on them so much, and with them having a greater survivability and a better reproduction system than humans, it is obvious why robots already are superior, and therefore more dominant in numbers, strength and size, than humans.

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