Friday, May 10, 2019

Project 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Project 1 - Essay ExampleThe niggardness in each case remained the akin for the full dulcorate bar and half candy bar. It is due to the fact, that with the change in the volume, the mass of the candy bar also changed and thus the ratio between the mass and volume remained the same. some(prenominal) the candy bars have lower densities. The densities in full candy bar and half candy bar remained the same in both the two cases. Both the candy bars have higher(prenominal) volumes and lower masses that made the cars less dense.3. Explain how buoyancy and density are related in why some things muck up and others sink. To answer this question completely, use additional resources such as the network or library. MUST cite your source(s).Buoyancy is the property of an purpose that keeps it floating instead of sinking. Buoyancy and density are closely related to each other as density is the property of an object that enables it float. If the object has fairly large volume with respect of its mass, it will have less density that enables the object to float over water. In the similar manner, if the object has large mass with respect to its volume, it will sink. In prescribe to float over water, the object should have a density lesser than density of water ( If deliberate accurately, your densities should be very close to each other when comparing the whole candy bar to the same half candy bar. What factors would influence your calculations between the densities to be completely different (assuming your measurements werent close)? Make a

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