Thursday, May 9, 2019

Why smoking should be banned Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why pot should be banned - Essay Exampleharmonize to the American Lung Association (2014), cig arette have in the U.S. causes 393,000 deaths annually also the cost associated with cigarette smoking is high for the government. According to the study by American Lung Association (2014), in 2004, cigarettes smoking costs were $193 billion. The wellnesscare costs associated with the use of cigarettes in 2004 was $96 billion, while lose of productivity due to cigarette smoking was approximately $97 billion. Additionally, the study shows that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer. Smoking of cigarettes emits 7000 chemicals, and inquiry shows that 69 of the chemicals cause lung cancer, which is responsible for close to 90% deaths from lung cancer. In addition, cigarette smoking is responsible for 20% to 30% of low parentage weights in the U.S and is the cause of 10% of infant deaths and 14% pregnancy complications such(prenominal) as premature deliveries. The research shows that neonat al healthcare costs associated with cigarette smoking in the U.S. is approximately $366 million annually. The statistics above are attributed to sales of cigarettes in U.S. markets. This means that ban of cigarettes sales would reduce healthcare costs and deaths caused by diseases such as lung cancer.However, those opposing the prohibition of cigarettes sales argue that government revenue enhancement would reduce if the ban is imposed. They explain that federal states in the U.S. are already imposing high taxes on cigarettes. The U.S. average tax per a pack of cigarettes is $1.01, which is higher than any other products tax. The taxes are high for government and banning of cigarettes sales ordain be a disadvantage for government because they will not be able to get revenue (Heartland Institute n.d.). According to Hu and Mao (2001), cigarette smoking in China is high and is considered a health problem. However, the study also shows that China benefits from taxes levied on cigarett es sales and importation. For

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