Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Advocacy activity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Advocacy activity - Research Paper ExampleIt also establishes a Class A violation for violations in regard to the distribution of an abortion inducing drug and for the failure to report the adverse effects.I do not support this bill as it is being discussed by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana. The bill is an act to amend the Indiana Code in connection to health. The bill was brought into the house by unmatched of the members of the house committee named Morris. Even though the bill is aimed at enhancing accountability in distribution, selling, giving, administering and prescribing the abortion inducing drugs, it provides room for abortion which is against human mightys of the right to life. The bill provides room for abortion by allowing physicians to terminate those pregnancies that are clinically diagnosable and with the knowledge that the termination may lead to the death of the foetus. No one has the right to terminate a pregnancy and lead to the death of a foetus since life begins at conception. The bill allows pregnancy women to abort their unborn babies as they can be given the drug for as long as they are aware of the adverse effects which may result from it. Abortion is regarded as killing which is against the religious beliefs and human rights.Legislator Jeff Morris, who was elected to the National Conference of State Legislatures Board in September 25, 2013, brought this bill to the House. I am planning to lick Representative Kristine Lytton who is the Deputy Majority Floor Leader in the house to object to the bill. Lytton has voted to pass the bill that requires implementation of health plans that would cover abortions which is effective from January1, 2014 an recital that she also supported the bill on abortion inducing drugs. I would influence her not to vote for this bill as it contravenes human rights. Whether voluntary or involuntary, abortion is killing of innocent lives and as a woman and mother, she should not

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