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Buddha Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Buddha - Research Paper ExampleEarly Life Siddhartha Gautama was the birth name of Buddha. He lived in Nepal in the region ordinarily known as the Indo-Nepalese area. He was an Indian prince and his father Suddhodana was a king of the Indian clan known as Shakyas. Queen Maya, the mother of Siddhartha died shortly by and by giving birth to him. When Siddhartha was a child, a spiritual man prophesied unusual things about the Prince. Predicting about the Princes future he also said that he would either become a great king or a great religious teacher. His father preferred his son to be the king after him and therefore he trained Siddhartha accordingly (Thomas, 2000). Prince Siddhartha was raised by his father in a luxurious environment after the demolition of his mother. His father gave him the teaching about religion and suffering humanity. King Suddhodana wanted to keep his son a charge from the suffering of the world and therefore he raised him inside a palace made especially for Siddhartha. He was married at the young period of 16 but his life of isolation and spirituality began after 13 years (Asvaghosha, 2006). Beyond the Walls of the Palace When Siddhartha was 20 years old, he still did not have sufficient knowledge about the orthogonal world. One daytime Siddhartha asked one of the charioteers to give him a tour outside the walls of the palace. As soon as Siddhartha entered the world outside the palace he got confronted to the harsh realities of humanity. While exploring the external world, the sight of an aged man shocked him. The charioteer made him aware of the reality that people grow old. This sight of the old man sickened the Prince. Fear of malady and death starting nurturing in his mind. On his way he also saying an ascetic. The charioteer explained him that ascetics are people who are not scared of death or sickness because they have relinquished the world. Renunciation The sight of the ascetic conquered the mind of Siddhartha. Although h e returned to the palace the other day but he no longer plunge pleasure in his regular tasks. The news of his son birth did not spark any sort of happiness in the Siddhartha. While wandering in the palace alone at night, Siddhartha thought about all the luxuries he possessed, which now seemed grotesque. The musicians and dancers present in the palace were all sleeping. Prince Siddhartha reflected on the consequences that the old age brings along with it obstacles such as weakness and sickness. He was surprised that how this phenomenon changes everything and turns man into dust. Search for Enlightenment Siddhartha appointed teachers, who gave him knowledge of different religious philosophies. They also taught him the manner of meditation. After gaining all the knowledge for his teacher, the doubts of the Prince were still unclear. The very next day Siddhartha and five of his companions left the palace to become ascetics, abandoning their wives and children. According to them asceti cism was the only way through which they can be relieved from the harsh realities of humanity (Buddha Biography, 2013). Siddharthas Ascetic Life and Enlightenment Siddhartha led the life of an ascetic for 6 years, practicing and meditating their ways to exploration the subtle state of mind. For all these years he meditated and studied the work of different religious philosophers. He practiced new ways of meditating with his companions. When his companions saw his passion and quest for his faith, they became his disciples. When Siddhartha realized that he is still not

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