Friday, June 14, 2019

Health appetite Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Health appetite - Essay Exampleishes to impress teamwork at the workplace must understand the of the essence(p) of teamwork from three varied viewpoints (1) increased speed of work (2) workload distribution, and (3) faster learning. Team work promotes faster learning. Workers when working as a team escape to learn what they do at a faster rate. The knowledge and experiences of the older team members enables others to grasp new concepts faster. Teamwork also proves to be an added bonus for employees to avoid mistakes at work. It also promotes workload distribution. This way, team members will work effectively when work is distributed. This allows them to focus on one activity till the time that they are received they have gained expertise in it. Therefore, they do not feel stressed out. Last yet important, teamwork increases speed of work. With many workers working on a whizz project and accomplishing the assigned task properly, the speed of work is largely increased. The team can therefore, complete a given project as required and inside the appropriate time. In the current globally competitive market, the success of an organization wholly lies in the speed of performance of its employees. A dull, and demotivated team but absentminded coordination and speed results in the downfall of the organization. On the other hand, an organization with a well-organized workers often chart out their path to success. The Human resource policies of a follow are as such directed. This is for the betterment of an employer and employees as it helps them maximize performance. The aforementioned benefits of teamwork are team specific. However, teamwork is beneficial even at an organizational level. It benefits the organization by increasing the organizations productivity, which is an important factor in fulfilling commitment and meeting set targets. Also worth mentioning is that teamwork promotes effective utilization of manpower. This is one major reason that makes most or ganizations to promote teamwork at the

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