Sunday, August 11, 2019

Operatiom management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Operatiom management - Essay Example There is need to analyze the concept of organizational communication by making an assessment on a chosen case. This will include the creation of a case and analyze the case. Once the case has been created and analyzed, the paper will highlight an assessment on the case and its analysis. The following case is based on a personal experience in an organization that was embracing the Maori culture. I worked as a junior employee at Tikanga Maori Consulting, Inc. since its incorporation the company was based on the culture of the Maori community found in New Zealand. The operations of the company were based on values and beliefs of the Maori culture. The founding members of the organization were determined to protect the Maori culture and made every efforts towards making sure that any stakeholders in the company respected the values and customs of the company that were based on the Maori culture. This was evident in the way the company had designed its vision statement. The company‘s vision statement purely focused on Maori norms and values. The company communicated these values in the Maori language in efforts aimed at reinforcing the approach of communicating the organization’s culture to the stakeholders. The company developed over a long period of time and grew into a big organization with approximately over 100 employees. The growth of an organization often represents a difficult situation in terms of managing the number of employees. However, the organization was able to manage its large number of employees because it had also grown to develop its culture. Employees were in unity with the company management because the company had made a point to always communicate to the employees about the different values of the company. The philosophy of the company was based on developing and preserving the Maori culture. The

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