Monday, August 12, 2019

Reflection paper in article Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reflection paper in article - Assignment Example In my third year in high school, at the age of 16, I had an experience with marijuana that not only inspired me into leadership but also signaled my transition to emotional, social, and intellectual maturity. I occasionally used the drug to â€Å"escape† my perceived troubles and bond with my peers. After three months, what had been an occasional habit started morphing into an addiction. I started missing classes, became antisocial, and started getting below average grades (I was a leading student before the episode). My parents noticed a change in my behavior and, after consulting with my teachers, decided that I should attend therapy. However, this failed because I was still in contact with the student who supplied the drug and would even purchase and use it after visiting the therapist. Since my parents assumed that I was moving towards sobriety, they entrusted me with errands such as taking my siblings to picnics and picking them from school using the family car. One day, after having smoked some marijuana on my way home from school, my father asked me to take my three younger siblings to the movies. I obliged, assuming that he would not know I was still practicing my old habits. On the way to the theater, I noticed a police car following me and immediately started panicking. I became paranoid and started drove faster, thinking that I would somehow â€Å"lose† the police car. Eventually, another police cut me off, and I was forced to stop. In the midst of the â€Å"chase†, I had forgotten that I had, in the front pocket of my trouser, a sachet of marijuana that I had purchased earlier. The police asked me to step outside the car, and I obliged. After being told to empty my pockets, I followed the instructions only for the sachet to fall out. When I had identified myself, the police informed me that one of the boys who supplied me with marijuana had been arrested

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