Monday, September 23, 2019

Project Management- MGMT412 - 1304B - 01 unit 2 Essay

Project Management- MGMT412 - 1304B - 01 unit 2 - Essay Example Product scope description: Winsome Company is under the management of a sister company known as Winsome’s sister company. The products and raw materials used by the company are purchased from different manufactures. They brand the products, educate the sales representatives and market them to the targeted audiences. In addition, the team will be required to attend the quarterly branch manager sales events to present the new kind of product they will be offering in the market to their respective audiences. The results the project will produce will entail all these sales deliverables required for the launching of the new products through research into different departments and consultation with various department heads (Harrington & McNellis, 2006). Acceptance criteria: The acceptance criteria for the introduction of the new product into the market will entails creating product specifications, producing photographs of the product in question, producing their pricing structures f or the new products and highlight the sources of their marketing materials. Stages will be involved in the acceptance criteria as goals for the Winsome Company and the new product will be reviewed by the different departments and government bodies concerned. ... The new product will be passed through the review to confirm the manufacturing process and the test the new product to be released into the market. Lastly, the product will be passed through exit criteria for reviews which will involve changes, signatures and putting the deliverables under the configuration management system. Deliverables: The project deliverables for the business will involve set quantitative objectives for the team. Secondly, the composite sales objectives will be reconciled. Lastly, to create an efficient marketing plan that will involve adjusting the qualitative of composite objectives into marketing plan objectives (Hougham & Association for Project Management, 2004). Project Exclusions: The project will not produce other deliverables that are not concerned with the sales and marketing on the new product that will be produced by the company. Its major emphasis will only be centered to focus on the sales and marketing activities conducted by the company. Constrai nts: However, in writing for the company the scope statement, there are unforeseen barriers that might hinder my process and result to poor sales and marketing strategy for the product to be produced by the company. Lack of funds might affect the process because it will hinder the research process thus interfere with the formulation of the deliverables required for the sales of the new product into the market. Time might also be a barrier to the process because the project duration might not be sufficient enough to allow for a thorough research of the sales deliverables required by the company. Assumptions: Reconciling the sales objectives may however lead to a waste of the company resources or poor management decisions for the company and the entire sales

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